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 NBRP Rat No: 0014  Strain name: TM/Kyo  Commmon Name: tester Moriyama rat Rat Genome Database
Principal Investigator:  Tadao Serikawa  Graduate School of Medicine, Kyoto University       Yoshidakonoe-cho, Sakyo-ku    606-8501 Kyoto     JAPAN
Tel: 075-753-4360    Fax: 075-753-4409 Email:
Preservation Status:   Embryo        Sperm       Living Animals ../images/Photos/TM%20Kyo/DSC00001%20(Large).JPG ../images/Photos/TM%20Kyo/DSC00024%20(Large).JPG
Coat Color  fawn hooded (a,B,C,h,P,r)
Inbred Generations  F20+102 (March 2012)
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 Inbred  Segregating  Congenic  Consomic  Recombinant
 Coisogenic  Spont. Mutant  Transgene  Ind. Mutant  Category Other 
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 Diabetes Obesity  Neurobiology  Ophthalmology  Dentistry  Cardio Hypertension
 Cancer  Metabolism  Otorhinology  Immunology  Infectious
 Osteosis  Internal Organ  Dermatology  Reproduction  Development
 Behavior  Hematology  Urology  Pharmacology  Research Area Others 
 Control Strain  Marker Strain
Gene Affected Rab38: Rab38, member of RAS oncogene family. ruby or red eyed dilution
Origin Tester Moriyama rat derived from Long-Evans at Aichi Cancer Center, were transferred to Moriyama Mental Disease Hospital and Nagoya University. Inbred Line was established at Nagoya University. From Shionogi & Co., Ltd. to Kyo in 1976 .
Strain characteristics Used as caot color tester line modified blood caogulation and platelet derived serotonin release was detected. Used as an animal model for platelet storage pool deficiency. TM has a Met1Ile mutation at the translation initiation codon of the Rab38 gene. This mutation is shared with FH rat, showing similar phenotypes to TM rats.
Breeding Conditions Good breeding performance. Sib mating.
References Hamada S, Serikawa T, Yamada J.
第32回日本実験動物学会総会講演要旨集. p117, 1985

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Oiso N, Riddle SR, Serikawa T, Kuramoto T, Spritz RA.
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