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 NBRP Rat No: 0100  Strain name: MV/Opu  Commmon Name: myelin vacuolation rat, mv rat Rat Genome Database
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Gene Affected Atrn: attractin
Origin The myelin vacuolation (mv) rats showing body tremor were found in an outbred colony of Sprague-Dawley rats at Osaka Osaka Prefecture University in 1999.
Strain characteristics The tremor behavior was exhibited from around 3 weeks of age and inherited as an autosomal recessive trait. The mutant rats had variously sized vacuoles in the neuropil and white matter throughout the central nervous system, especially in the brain stem, cerebellum, and spinal cord. Ultrastructurally these vacuoles mainly consisted of splitting of myelin lamella both in the periaxonal and intermyelinic spaces. No abnormality was found in the number and morphology of oligodendrocytes in MV rats, although the severity and extent of myelin disorder increased with age. Coincident with the myelin abnormalities, there was progressive astrogliosis from 2 weeks. Marked microglial activation was observed exclusively in the gray matter of MV rats from 6 weeks, coincident with severe myelin disruption. Genetic studies revealed 6.914-bp deletion including the whole exon 1 of the attractin (Atrn) gene in MV rats and Northern blot analysis showed no expression of Atrn mRNA in the brain of MV rats. Therefore, the MV rat is a null mutation of the Atrn gene. (Mar 9, 2009)
Breeding Conditions Although affected rats are fertile for both sexes, it is recommended to use heterozygous males and females for mating.
Genotyping Genotyping protocol for Atrn_mv
References Izawa T, Yamate J, Franklin RJ, Kuwamura M.
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