Strain information
 NBRP Rat No: 0283  Strain name: W-Tg(CAG-cre)81Jmsk  Commmon Name: Wistar-Tg(CAG-cre)81Jmsk, Wistar-Tg(CAG-NCre)81Jmsk, NCre81 Rat Genome Database
Principal Investigator:  Eiji Kobayashi  Center for Molecular Medicine, Jichi Medical School       3311-1, Yakushiji, Shimono-shi, Tochigi    329-0498 Tochigi     Japan
Tel: 0285-58-7446    Fax: 0285-44-5365 Email:
Preservation Status:   Embryo        Sperm       Living Animals ../images/Photos/Wistar-Tg_CAG-NCre_81Jmsk/Wistar-Tg_CAG-NCre_81Jmsk_1024.jpg
Coat Color  albino (c)
Inbred Generations  F?+21 (March 2012)
Usage Restrictions  The recipient is requested to cite in the following literature designated by the DEPOSITOR.
Genetic Status
 Inbred  Segregating  Congenic  Consomic  Recombinant
 Coisogenic  Spont. Mutant  Transgene  Ind. Mutant  Category Other 
Comercial Availability
Research Category
 Diabetes Obesity  Neurobiology  Ophthalmology  Dentistry  Cardio Hypertension
 Cancer  Metabolism  Otorhinology  Immunology  Infectious
 Osteosis  Internal Organ  Dermatology  Reproduction  Development
 Behavior  Hematology  Urology  Pharmacology  Research Area Others 
 Control Strain  Marker Strain
Gene Affected
Origin This strain was established at Jichi Medical School.
Strain characteristics This strain expresses the Cre recombinase ubiquitously driven by CAG promoter. The majority of expression of the transgene is detected in the skeletal muscles. Transgene was integrated into the Chr X.
Breeding Conditions Good breeding performance.
Genotyping Genotyping protocol for CAG Promoter Genotyping protocol for Cre
References Fukamachi K, Tanaka H, Sakai Y, Alexander DB, Futakuchi M, Tsuda H, Suzui M.
A novel reporter rat strain that expresses LacZ upon Cre‚Äźmediated recombination.
Genesis. 2013 Apr;51(4):268-74.

Sato Y, Endo H, Ajiki T, Hakamata Y, Okada T, Murakami T, Kobayashi E.
Establishment of Cre/LoxP recombination system in transgenic rats.
Biochem Biophys Res Commun. 9;319(4):1197-202, 2004.
Additional strain information Wistar