Strain information
 NBRP Rat No: 0475  Strain name: W-Tg(Per1-luc)1Oa  Commmon Name: Wistar-Tg(Per1-luc)1Oa, HIKARU Rat Genome Database
Principal Investigator:  Tsutomu Kurosawa  Osaka University, Graduate shcool of medicene       2-2 Yamadaoka Suita     565-0781 Osaka     Japan
Tel: 06-6879-3171    Fax: 06-6879-3107 Email:
Preservation Status:   Embryo        Sperm       Living Animals ../images/Photos/Wistar-Tg_Per1-luc_1Oa/Wistar-Tg_Per1-luc_1Oa_1024.jpg ../images/Photos/
Coat Color  albino (c)
Inbred Generations  F2+3 (May 2008)
Usage Restrictions  Use of BIOLOGICAL RESOURCE shall be limited to a collaborative research with the DEPOSITOR, this condition is not limited to two-year period of the deposition.
For a breeding use, a new contract must be concluded between the DEPOSITOR and the recipient. After finishing the defined period in the contract, the recipient requires immediate stop of breeding.
Genetic Status
 Inbred  Segregating  Congenic  Consomic  Recombinant
 Coisogenic  Spont. Mutant  Transgene  Ind. Mutant  Category Other 
Comercial Availability
Research Category
 Diabetes Obesity  Neurobiology  Ophthalmology  Dentistry  Cardio Hypertension
 Cancer  Metabolism  Otorhinology  Immunology  Infectious
 Osteosis  Internal Organ  Dermatology  Reproduction  Development
 Behavior  Hematology  Urology  Pharmacology  Research Area Others 
 Control Strain  Marker Strain
Gene Affected luc: luciferase, firefly
Origin This strain was established in 2000. This transgenic rat was originated from Crlj:WI strain.
Strain characteristics This transgenic strain expresses the luciferase driven by Per1 promoter.
Breeding Conditions Good breeding performance.
Genotyping PCR. (Please refer to NCBI-Nucleotide: AB261988)
References Unpublished.
蟹江祐哉、河合澄子、攝田友香、樫 百合子、小谷祐子、河崎愛子、愛原勝巳、寺坂勝利、尾崎公史、鍵山壮一朗、岡本 明、高木康博、
田島 優、平野俊一朗、黒澤 努.
ルシフェラーゼアッセイを用いたHIKARU ラットの発光の確認とフェノタイピング法の検討

河合澄子、攝田友香、樫 百合子、小谷祐子、河崎愛子、愛原勝巳、寺坂勝利、尾崎公史、鍵山壮一朗、岡本 明、高木康博、田島 優、平野俊一朗、黒澤 努.
HIKARU ラットの系統維持-ジェノタイピングとルシフェラーゼ遺伝子解析-
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