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 NBRP Rat No: 0511  Strain name: ZDF-Leprfa/CrlCrlj  Commmon Name: ZDF, ZDF/CrlCrlj Rat Genome Database
Principal Investigator:  Shinya Takahashi  Charles river laboratories Japan       11F 3-17-16 Shinyokohama, Kouhokuku, Yokohama    222-0033 Kanagawa     Japan
Tel: 045(474)9340     Fax: 045(474)9341 Email:
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Coat Color  Four principal coat color Variants
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 Inbred  Segregating  Congenic  Consomic  Recombinant
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Gene Affected Lepr: leptin receptor
Origin Some rats of colony of outbred Zucker rats kept in Eli Lilly Research Laboratories were transferred to Indiana University Medical School in 1977. Selection and inbreeding was performed in 1981 and inbred ZDF strain was established in 1985. To Charles River Laboratories, Inc. in 2001. To Charles River Japan, Inc. in 2005. Zucker Diabetic Fatty. (May 28, 2010)
Strain characteristics The ZDF rat is an animal model for obese, type 2 diabetes. When fed with a diet of Purina 5008, homozygous males (Leprfa/Leprfa) develop obesity, hyperlipidemia, fasting hyperglycemia, and Type 2 diabetes. Wildtype (+/+) and heterozygous (Leprfa/+) lean genotypes remain normoglycemic. (May 28, 2010)
Breeding Conditions Homozygous rats are infertile. (May 28, 2010)
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