NBRP Rat No: 0078 Strain NameDRH/Seac Commmon Name: 
 Principal Investigator  Masaki Takeuchi
 Organization   Seac Yoshitomi, LTD 
 Address  955 Koiwai Yoshitomi-cho, Chikujo-gun

871-8550 Fukuoka

 Telephone  0979-22-9577  Fax:  0979-24-1955  Takeuchi.Masaki@me.m-pharma.co.jp
 Inbred Generations   F41+?+33(March 2012) 
 Coat Color
 Deposition Status
 albino (c)
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 Genetic Status   Inbred   Segregating   Congenic   Consomic    Recombinant 
  Coisogenic   Spont. Mutant    Transgene   Ind. Mutant    Others 
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 Research Category   Diabetes Obesity    Neurobiology    Ophthalmology    Dentistry    Cardio- Hypertension 
  Oncology   Metabolism   Otorhinology    Immunology    Infectious Disease
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 Origin DRH was established by selective mating of the 3'-Me-DAB resistant progeny of closed colony Donryu rats at Osaka University in 1981. Introduced to Seac Yoshitomi, LTD. in 1991. 
 Strain Characteristics Resistant to carcinoma. 
 Breeding Conditions  
 Genotyping Biochemical gene test and immunological gene test 
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