NBRP Rat No: 0284 Strain NameWIAR/Iar Commmon Name: WIAR
 Principal Investigator  Ryoji Hokao
 Organization   Institute for Animal Reproduction 
 Address  1103, Fukaya, Kasumigaura,

300-0131 Ibaraki

 Telephone  029-897-0631  Fax:  029-897-0633  hokao_ryoji@iar.or.jp
 Inbred Generations   F53+11 (May 2008) 
 Coat Color
 Deposition Status
 albino (c)
  Embryo      Sperm      Live Animals
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 Genetic Status   Inbred   Segregating   Congenic   Consomic    Recombinant 
  Coisogenic   Spont. Mutant    Transgene   Ind. Mutant    Others 
 Comercial Availability  Institute for Animal Reproduction 
 Research Category   Diabetes Obesity    Neurobiology    Ophthalmology    Dentistry    Cardio- Hypertension 
  Oncology   Metabolism   Otorhinology    Immunology    Infectious Disease
  Osteology    Internal Medicine   Dermatology   Reproduction    Development
  Behavior    Hematology    Urology   Pharmacology   Others 
  Control Strains   Reporter gene Strains  
 Origin This strain was established by inbreeding of Wistar-Imamichi rats by sib-mating. Strain characteristic is same as that of Wistar-Imamichi. (Nov 6, 2009) 
 Strain Characteristics Stable estrus cycle (4 days), large progeny, easy handling. (Nov 6, 2009) 
 Breeding Conditions Sib mating.