NBRP Rat No: Strain NameODS/ShiJcl Commmon Name: Osteogenic disorder Shionagi rat
 Principal Investigator  Mieko Kimura
 Organization   Takeda hospital group Takeda Research Institute of Life Science

604-8113  Kyoto

 Telephone  +082-75-468-9735  Fax:  +082-231-2310  kimura@takedahp.or.jp
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 Gene Gulo: gulonolactone (L-) oxidase
 Strain Characteristics scurvy due to L-gulonolactone oxidase deficincy; phenotype normalizes if supplied with ascorbic acid 300mg/kg/d. od/od rats are more susceptible to dental caries as compared with +/+ rats, in only amoun parous females. 
 Breeding Conditions  
 References  Nishijima K, Kuwahara S, Ohno T, Miyaishi O, Ito Y, Makino S, Sumi Y, Yanaka S
Natural dental caries in molars of Osteogenic disorder Shionogi rats.
Comp Med. 2007 Dec;57(6):590-3