NBRP Rat No: 0041 Strain NameLEA/Hok Commmon Name: KEA, Long Evans Agouti
 Principal Investigator  Kazuhiro Kitada
 Organization   Creative Research Initiative "Sousei", Hokkaido University Laboratory of Mammalian Genetics
 Address  Kita 10 Nishi 8, Kita-ku

060-0810 Hokkaido

 Telephone  011-706-3582  Fax:  011-726-3476  kkitada@cast.hokudai.ac.jp
 Inbred Generations   F102 (Jul 2007) 
 Coat Color
 Deposition Status
 agouti (A,B,C,h)
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 Origin Kobe university→Hokkaido University, Laboratory of Experimental Animal Science(Hok) 1975→Hokkaido University, Center for Experimental Plants & Animals(Hok) 1982, F19. Long Evans Agouti derived originally from an outbred Long Evans stock at Hokkaido University and selected for agouti coat colour (though Long Evans stock is usually fixed for non-agouti, hooded genes).  
 Strain Characteristics The LEA rat was established from a Long-Evans rat closed colony as the control strain of the LEC rat, which is reported to exhibit several mutant phenotypes such as hepatic disorder (<i>hts</i>), blockage of the T cell differentiation (<i>thid</i>) and X-ray hypersensitivity (<i>xhs1</i> and <i>xhs2</i>). But LEA rat is hypersensitive to X-rays to a similar degree as the LEC rat. 
 Breeding Conditions Good breeding performance. Sib-mating. 
 References  Igarashi M, Hippo Y, Ochiai M, Fukuda H, Nakagama H.
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Agui T, Miyamoto T, Tsumagari T
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Exp Anim. 50(2):147-51, 2001.