NBRP Rat No: 0643 Strain NameACI.BUF-Aftm1/2Mna Commmon Name: ACI/Mna-Aftm1
 Principal Investigator  Mutsushi Matsuyama
 Organization   Fujita Health University  Department of Virology and Parasitology
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 Gene 遺伝子領域: Aftm1 (Atrophy of fast twitch muscle-1)
 Origin The region of mild atrophy in fast-twitch muscles of BUF/Mna strains, was transferred onto the genetic background of ACI strain. At that time albino mutaion was also transferred because of the adjacent region.
 Strain Characteristics All of this strain develops mild and slowly progressing muscle atrophy with absent, hypoplastic or cystic kidneys on one side in 20 %.
 Breeding Conditions sib mating
 References  Amo, H., Matsuyama, M., et al.: Genetic reguration of slowly progressing mild atrophy in fast-twitch muscles of BUF/Mna rats. Muscle Nerve, 20:1528-1263, 1997.