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Animal experiments require deliberate planning. The NBRP rat database provides information on several categories of standard and mutant rat strains and assists researchers in the selection process of the most appropriate rat strains for various research purposes.

Rat Phenome databasePhenome project
The Phenome database is a comprehensive collection on phenotypic measurements for physiological and behavioral parameters across all commonly used rat strains and many mutant lines. Which strain shows the highest cholesterol blood concentration or is most actively moving? Such and similar questions can quickly be answered.
Phylogenic tree Phylogenetic tree
The phylogenetic tree of 132 laboratory rat strains was calculated through maximum parsimony analysis implemented in PAUP 4.0b10.  Data display is managed using TreeView's radial tree function.
Genetic chart Pedigree-like charting tool
The Genetic quick chart is based on 357 microsatellite markers. It calculates at a glance simple genetic relationship among laboratory standard and mutant strains and also includes the genetic profiles of captured wild rats from different continents.
Marker strainsReporter gene transgenic rat
GFP, DsRed, LacZ and other marker genes are important tools for the examination of many biological processes. Our repository has many of such marker strains available for various kinds of experiments with ubiquitous or organ specific marker espression.
Recombinant inbred strainsFunctional polymorphisms
Polymorphisms that have been proven to influence gene functions are called functional polymorphisms. We assessed 19 functional polymorphisms consisting of 3 coat color and 16 disease-associated genes in 155 rat strains.
Rat Phenome databaseENU mutagenesis
The Kyoto University Rat Mutant Archive (KURMA) was integrated into NBRP rat and provides interesting models for various fields in biomedical research.
Rat Phenome databaseF344/Stm, LE/Stm BAC Browser
F344/Stm and LE/Stm are the founder of the recombinant inbred (RI) lines LEXF/FXLE. NBRP rat has constructed BAC clone libraries and the BAC-end sequence of both lines are already available and can be browsed. BAC clones can be ordered from RIKEN BRC.
Rat mutant map Rat mutant map
The rat is worldwide used in thousands of research laboratories and historically, the majority of mutant rat strains have been found as spontanious occurences in common breeding colonies. The underlying genes for each interesting phenotype was mostly discovered by positional cloning experiments. The NBRP Mutant Map provides a short but not comprehensive overview of several mutants, which are available from our resource center and in which the causative genes for the spcific phenotype has already been detected.
Note: the large number of mutants requires printing on A3 or larger paper.
Recombinant inbred strainsLEXF/FXLE recombinant inbred strains
Recombinant inbred strains (RI) are special types of inbred strains that are derived by (reciprocal) brother-sister mating among the offspring of two founder lines. Our resource center maintains 34 LEXF/FXLE lines. These strains have already significantly contributed to the detection of various quantitative trait loci (QTLs) and are used in many research projects around the globe.