Last Update: Aug. 29, 2022
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In collaboration with NBRP-Mouse, we have launched "NBRP Rat & Mouse News".
NBRP Rat & Mouse News vol.1 (Functional analysis tools for GAD isoforms) is now available!

We have resumed depositing and providing services on June 1, 2020.

The 15th Rat Resource and Research Meeting will be held. (Date: Feb. 18 (Fri), 2021. Location: Zoom and Kyoto University Shirankaikan)

On the page for searching for rat strains, click "Search" without using the Enter key. If you use the Enter key, it will not work properly.
You can also use the "Search Repository" page.

Distribution Fees are revised. (from Oct. 2019)

◆Updated information about the control strains for RCS/Kyo(pleasae check this file)。

Supply of X-SCID strain from University of Tokyo. Click here!
Please refer in your paper to the NBRP-Rat resource, which you received from us. The example often used is:

We are thankful to the National BioResource Project - Rat ( for providing rat strains (the strain name and NBRP Rat No.).

Materials and Methods
(the strain name and NBRP Rat No.) rats were supplied by the National BioResource Project - Rat, Kyoto University (Kyoto, Japan).

Please enter the information on your publications that used resources obtained from us by either submitting the PubMed ID or the relevant data into the reference form from here. 

Thank you very much for your cooperation.