Phenome project at NBRP-Rat

The following parameters are measured for functional characterization of many deposited rat strains. All standard and many mutant strains are included in our phenome database. The date are listed either in tables or available as user-defined charts. Please select from the links below which way you prefer to watch the phenome data.

Note:  All obtained parameters are derived from 6 individual male or female (F) rats of each strain between 5 and 10 weeks of age.

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bullet Body Weight at various  Ages
bullet Functional Observational Battery (FOB, Neurobehaviour)
bullet Spontaneous Locomotor Activity
bullet Passive Avoidance Test
bullet Blood Pressure and Body Temperature
bullet Blood Biochemistry
bullet Hematology
bullet Urine Volume and Urine Electrolyte Values
bullet Organ Weights (10 weeks)